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Letter from President George W. Bush after receiving "Living Under The Patriot Act: Educating A Society"

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In the spring 2007 Edition of "Shocker Magazine"

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Alan Caruba Book Review: Bookviews: April 07 Picks of the Month - "Shortly after 9-11 in 2001, a bill was introduced in Congress and passed despite the fact that most members had not even had an opportunity to read it. It is popularly known as the Patriot Act. In his new book, Living Under The Patriot Act: Educating a Society ($17.99, Author House, available from Amazon.com), Paul A. Ibbetson, a former police chief currently studying for his PhD in sociology, shares his three years of research on what he calls "one of the most powerful laws of modern day." Those of both liberal and conservative political orientation have expressed serious concerns because, while it expands the government’s ability to find and jail terrorists, it also portends the possibility of its misuse by a government less attentive to the dictates of the Constitution. The FBI admitted to such abuses just last month. The author’s purpose, as the title notes, is to educate the reader to the various aspects of the bill, from its passage to its current status. The bill is due for reauthorization and this timely book permits for a thorough review of the way it works. This is not light reading because it rather intensively looks at the bill section by section. Nor is the book a polemic taking sides. Those of a legal bent of mind will find it a masterful piece of work."

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For a conservative forum that covers a large numbers of topics and is really - www.liberty1st.org.

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